30 December 2011

christmas loot

It would appear Santa is a follower of my blog and/or Pinterest, because just about everything I got was mentioned on one or both places!  Sneaky, sneaky...

Super Soft blanket from Orvis.  The hubs is now obsessed with this blanket.  He said {and I quote} that it revolutionizes the way he sleeps.  Hyperbole aside, it is very snuggly.

Pheasants Afield needlepoint pillow from Orvis.  I've been lusting after this pillow for years, so my mom finally gave in and bought it for me.  It's going to look fab on our bed.

Southern Living Our Best Christmas Recipes cookbook.  This was the big surprise for me.  My mom has had this cookbook for years {since it was published in 1994} and every year I attempt to steal it from her.  It has some INCREDIBLE recipes in it, and most of them can't be found on the Southern Living/My Recipes websites.  She found a copy on Amazon for me so her copy would be safe.  I love it!

center point touch gloves from echo.  Soft and warm and iPhone friendly.  Enough said.

Nixon The Time Teller watch.  I've been wanting a big, gold watch for awhile now, but the Michael Kors version is a little too "done" for my taste.  This one is just perfect.

The Pioneer Woman Food from my Frontier cookbook.  My sister pre-ordered this for me and I can't wait until it arrives {sadly not until March.}  I met Ree at a book signing for her first cookbook.  I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to have this one autographed too!

J.Crew schoolboy blazer.  I have wanted this for years and could never bring myself to buy it.  Thanks, hubs.
Disclaimer: This was purchased before I found out about J.Crew's horrible practices related to wool.  You can find out more here at Danielle's blog.  Since her post, I've signed the petition and made a promise to myself not to purchase anything from J.Crew until they end this ridiculous cruelty.

Knee-high Double Buckle Boots.  Technically not from Santa, I ordered these with Christmas money.  At 50% off, they were quite the steal. 

Amazon Kindle Fire.  I was so jealous of everyone on our flight home from St. Lucia with an eReader.  Now I have one of my own!  The hard part? Picking out a gorgeous Graphic Image cover to go with it!

Santa was incredibly generous this year, and I am feeling like a very lucky girl!

Now come on and spill...tell me what you got!  I love to see people open gifts, so this will be like a virtual Christmas with bloggy friends.


Mrs. Pretty said...

Lucky girl - that's quite a Christmas haul! The Anonymous Husband got a Kindle Fire too, and I'm very much looking forward to stealing it for my very own.

Will have to look into that J Crew issue; I hadn't heard, but I've been unhappy with them lately anyways.

Melissa A. said...

i hope the irony of your new sheepskin gloves and your issue with Jcrew's wool practices is not lost on you...