28 December 2011

what's cooking wednesday

I'm back from a *wonderful* Christmas with my family.  We certainly enjoyed our first Christmas as newlyweds...perhaps a bit too much!  There was lots of overindulging in, among other things, cookies, cakes, and Chinese food {a Christmas Eve tradition in my family} and my pants were feeling way too tight this morning.

For dinner last night, all we wanted was something light, fresh, cool, and crunchy.  Basically, the opposite of everything we've gorged on for the past week.  So I whipped up a homemade version of CPK's Miso Shrimp Salad.

Sorry I don't have a picture of my own to share.  We were starving, so we started eating out of the bowl as soon as it was ready.

1 bag of coleslaw mix
1 bag of shredded red cabage
1 package of steam-in-bag edamame
1 avocado, diced
1 bunch of scallions, chopped
8-12oz. frozen salad shrimp, thawed
Sliced radishes, to taste
Shredded carrots
Diced cucumber
Chopped cilantro
Miso dressing {I used Organicville Miso Ginger vinaigrette}
Wonton strips {I used Fresh Gourmet Wasabi Ranch Wonton Strips}

Then all you have to do is dump everything into a big salad bowl, toss, and enjoy.  Easy peasy and SO refreshing!  This recipe makes a ton of salad, but the good news is that it hold up beautifully in the fridge.  I had leftovers for lunch today and it wasn't soggy at all. {Except for the wonton strips, so I added an extra handful of fresh ones}.

Bon appetit!