17 October 2012

Dog Snob

For two coonhounds who were rescued from the middle of nowhere, Jake and Ozzie have taken to their hippie/yuppie/preppy lifestyles like ducks to water. Especially Ozzie.  In the two months that we've had him, he's become quite the discerning canine. 

He sniffed out these fancy-schmancy treats on his first trip to Petco.

And only Kong Wubbas pass muster for his dual-purpose toy needs: snuggling and decapitating.

In just 8 short weeks, he has developed a serious "to the manner born" attitude. But considering his start in life, we're OK with indulging him a little.  And forgiving him when he does this:

Apparently our IKEA sofa didn't measure up to his high standards.


Our French Inspired Home said...

How cute. We have tried, or rather our dogs have tried, the fruitables and they love them!

SHF said...

My Westie loves his Kong Wubbas toys as well! They're amazingly durable.


The enchanted home said...

Are they trying to tell you its time for a new sofa? Too cute..glad to see they are well taken care of!

McKenna Bleu said...

Oh my goodness they are too cute!! No words for that poor sofa haha.


Portuguese Prepster said...

aw they are too cute!