05 October 2012

Friday Favorites

I don't care how much of my inner fat kid/redneck this exposes, I am freaking excited that McDonald's Monopoly is back! I know, I know...corporate industrial fast food and all that jazz that goes against my hippie-yuppie food values, but you guys...game pieces!  Being "rewarded" for eating Filet O' Fish and drinking Diet Coke! No shame.

Can we talk about this Blackwatch tartan goodness that's happening at Target right now?  I would ditch the belt with the pants, but otherwise, preppy perfection for cheap.  I will be getting a lot of use from the blazer.
I'm not really a cereal person, but on Wednesday night I had THE most intense craving for this particular cereal.  I had two bowls for dinner that night and then had it for breakfast for the rest of the week.  What's up with that?  Have y'all tried this?  Apparently it can be hard to find, but it is just SO good!

Hello, my love.

Last but not least, the O's have a one-game play-off against the Rangers tonight.  We will be watching and rooting on M's hometown team.  Go O's!


Nat said...

I am a sucker for Mickey D's pancakes and hashbrowns!
I love that bag- it's so gorgeous! Go O's- let's hope they do it!

Maia Price said...

My best friend in High School and I used to be obsessive about Monopoly. We had a Mason Jar in both of our cars for collecting game pieces. It was something fun for us to do! Love your post!


SHF said...

My sister and I play Monopoly almost every year. Getting those game pieces is kind of addictive!


Lexilooo said...

Ha! I am a bit Monopoloy obsessed too! Iced coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, that means four game pieces!

The enchanted home said...

Love your candidness...and who doesn't love to win something! Plus I think we can all honestly say at some piont in our life we have craved a big mac or Mcdonald fries...come on!!!!!!!!

Love the bag and the tartan at Target...wow who knew! Have a fabulous weekend.....

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

I mean, I love some McDonald's french fries. Love them! And that bag is gorgeous! Sorry, gotta say go Rangers! I find baseball boring, but I'm tired of my dad ranting about his team so I hope they win just to get him to be quiet. Have a great weekend!

jennifer smith said...

My kids get very excited over Mcdonalds and monopoly and around the holidays, we are big board game players. It brings out the kid in all of us.

Kate said...

Man I used to love monopoly at mcdonald's. Now I want some fries. Might have to do the drive thru this weekend ;)

That Target blazer is really cute. Love it for the holidays (Christmas card photo maybe?)