09 April 2013

Hiking and Picnicking

Last Sunday was the first real spring day we've had, so we packed up the dogs and headed for the nearest state park.  It turns out that hiking with two extremely curious dogs makes for very full hands, so the above pictures were the only ones I managed to get. 

1 // 2

But fortunately some people on the interwebs were kind enough to share their photos, so you can see how beautiful it was! We want to go back without the pups so we can tour that gorgeous historic home on the property.  That view made the burning I felt in my legs all day yesterday totally worth it.

We also packed a picnic, but we were too busy scarfing down our lunch to be bothered with pictures.  I made these sandwiches
{they were just OK}

and brought these chips {the best chips EVER and made not too far from where we live!}

{BBQ for him, Chesapeake Crab for her}
and packed it all up in this nifty picnic cooler set.  My mother-in-law gave us one of these Picnic Time Malibu coolers at one of my showers with our monogram on it.  We used it for the first time on Sunday and I'm kind of obsessed with it. It has everything you could ever need, including a handy compartment for wine bottles, plates, napkins, utensils, wine glasses, a cutting board, a cheese knife, and a bottle opener.  GENIUS. At the time, I wasn't sure we would ever use this, but now I'm dreaming up all the different picnic opportunities this baby will afford. Love it. 

It felt so great to be outdoors again and to do something active {read: something other than watch DVR'd reruns of 'The Americans'} on a Sunday afternoon.  I can't wait to go back again, especially since all this hiking will come in handy for quickly approaching bikini season!


Nat said...

Ok I really want that picnic cooler! Those are my most favorite chips- esp the crab flavor

Natalia { All the Things, etc } said...

The view is spectacular! I have 4 episodes of the Americans on my DVR that I'm saving for a rainy Sunday :)

xx BHB said...

I went on a long walk with Mama H this weekend and it felt AMAZING. Can't wait to do some Central Park strolling with JM now that he's home for a few weeks!

McV said...

look at your dogs! I missed that you guys had dogs up until now. I clearly haven't scoured the archives!

What a gorgeous day!

MCW said...

I have recently become obsessed with the Americans and Game of Thrones. I would watch all day long if I could.

Baltimore Prep said...

I am so glad the warm weather is finally here (hopefully for good). I stopped in DC to see the Cherry Blossoms yesterday after work and really could have used that picnic bag! The Americans is my latest show addiction. I've been a Keri Russell fan since the days of Felicity!

The enchanted home said...

I love how you picnic!! What a gorgeous day....the flowers, the food, the scenery..its all so great!!

Rachel said...

I looooooove those Route 11 crab chips!!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

My favorite cookies!