03 April 2013

Recent Purchases

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A couple of recent spring clothing purchases that I'm loving.  The bonus is that they're ALL on sale right now.  {The J.Crew skirt doesn't appear to be available online in my pretty green color anymore, but maybe you can find it at your local store?}

Any additions to your spring wardrobe that I should add to my list? My wardrobe needs an overhaul in the worst way!


The enchanted home said...

Love the skirts, the floral is fun...you can add it with so many different tops and colors. Happy spring dressing!

Virginia Belle said...

You've added some fantastic items. I am obsessed with that first floral skirt. It has Spring written all over it!

Baltimore Prep said...

I have the same shirt and love it! I can't bring myself to shop for spring clothing yet until the weather is consistently out of the 40's. Enough already, it's April!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

love that floral skirt!