08 April 2013

Menu Monday

 A lot of good, not great, recipes graced our table last week.  Solid weeknight recipes that may or may not earn a repeat on our menu rotation.  

Spinach Manicotti in Creamy Tomato Sauce {Everyday Food December 2010}
This one will probably earn a second look.  It was relatively simple to make, although stuffing the shells is a huge pain.  The lemon was a wonderful addition to the filling, but I felt like it needed a little more flavor.  Maybe some garlic? It was a little bland.  But a great, filling Meatless Monday meal that was pretty inexpensive.  With some adjustments, I think this could become a standard.

Tex-Mex Pork {Cooking Light December 2010}
Meh. I had such high hopes for this meal and it did not live up to them at all.  All delicious ingredients but combined it was underwhelming.  Although M did enjoy the leftovers with some scrambled eggs the next morning.  All told, I didn't like this enough to make it again.

Fresh Salmon-Cilantro Burgers {Cooking Light May 2009}
Winner! We LOVED these burgers.  I would add a little more flavor to the burgers with some garlic and I would add jalapeño to the flavored mayo as well.  They would be good with some sliced avocado on top too.  Very easy to make, very minimal clean up, SO delicious!

Almond-Stuffed Chicken {Cooking Light March 2009}
Another meh. I thought this was going to be amazing and it just wasn't.  It wasn't bad; it just wasn't worth the work and the cost of Boursin.  We won't be having this again.  I'd much rather have the rollatini I posted from last week.

Bon appétit! 


xx BHB said...

I told you on Insta last night that I made those rollatini -- didn't have ALL the ingredients (namely, lemon) but they were still REALLY tasty.

MCW said...

Chicken stuffed anything is never as good when you make it at home!

Rachel said...

I haven't had manicotti in ages. I think I need to change that!!