16 February 2009

A Few of my Favorites

In an effort to help y'all get to know me a little better, I'm presenting a few of my favorite things. First off, two NEW discoveries this weekend that will be changing my life forever: ok if you are a pet owner and a neat freak like me, stop whatever you are doing, go to your local wally world or tarjay and purchase this little sucker immediately. (word to the wise: i found mine next to the dishwashing gloves....nowhere near the pet section. weird) it is AMAZING. seriously. i normally go through like a lint roller a week trying to get the puppy boy's fur off of my settee. this works 10,000 times better.
oh yes....you read this correctly. i am trying to be much healthier with my eating habits and i love these things. lots o' fiber, very tasty, and fairly inexpensive = perfect mid-morning snack. they really do taste like pop-tarts! the trick is to only eat ONE of the little things in the pouch.

Now for some of the old standy faves:oh yeah. don't act like you don't love them too. I could watch rerun upon rerun of this show for days. God bless Lifetime TV. Dorothy's slouchy boots and oversized Chanel earrings, Blanche's sluttiness....loooooooooove it. Best guilty pleasure ever, thank you 80s TV!

these three things combine to make my all-time favorite food. ever. fresh tomato sandwiches. i am VERY picky about these. it must be white bread (i prefer sunbeam). it must be duke's mayo (the best. don't argue this.) and it must be FRESH tomatoes (i am spoiled by the ones of an heirloom variety in my daddy's garden). you cannot eat this with out-of-season tomatoes. it's a sin. just add a little salt and pepper. NOTHING else. enjoy the pure heaven in your mouth.
do i even need to explain this one?

england. this is a picture I took from the patio at my favorite pub. I spent a summer studying at Oxford and it was the best time of my life. the English countryside is the only place I will ever leave the South for. it is a little slice of paradise, especially for all-things-bucolic loving me.

i'm cheating with this last one, as it combines two of my favorites. a) cupcapkes. they are perfect. i make a mean coconut cupcake. b) birds. not that i don't actually like the actual thing, but i love bird illustrations. i just think they're so whimsical and pretty and outdoorsy. i have them all over my house.
So that's a little bit more about me :)


Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Preppy 101 said...

I love tomato sandwiches! Yummy esp. in the summer when the fresh garden tomatoes are all over!!

Barefoot in the Park said...

thanks for the pet fur new product tip! i saw those at target and wondered if they worked ... now i'll try for sure!!