12 February 2009

Heart Hug

Yay for my first three followers!! Lots of blog love for a.little.bit.delirious, When Preppy Meets Hippie, and The Rangel-Carangui Family. So exciting to know that I'm not the only one reading this :)

Also, I have a bad case of the Mondays (and it's Thursday, so that should tell you something.) My heart needed a little hug and in case anyone else's did too, this picture is for you:

Have you all been to this website? I have spent a LOT of work hours on here. 99% of the stuff on here is just stupid ridic, but it never fails to make me crack up. Probably says something about my sense of humor, but whatevs....how can you not smile at this picture?!?

Happy Thursday (or College Friday as one of my old roomies would say...)!!!


Sarah said...

aww you're sweet! love the pic and yes, it made me smile. thanks!