18 February 2009

Wednesday Confessional

I have never been on a cruise.

The bestie and I made a pact when we graduated that we would take one vacation together every year and that it had to be something/somewhere neither of us had done/been.  Last year, we lived it up in Vegas for a week.  We discovered that we are not really Sin City people, but we had a ball anyways.

This year, all I want is warm weather and a beach.  Our original plan was to go to Key West, and while that's not entirely out of the picture, I'm starting to lean towards a cruise.  Just the hotel in Key West would cost as much as the entire cruise!

I don't want to go anywhere to spring break-y; I don't want a bunch of drunk high school kids ruining my r&r.  So to those of you who have cruised before, any recommendations?  Which cruise line?  How long? What part of the Carribean (Eastern, Western, Southern)?  Should we just skip the cruise and head to Key West? Help!


Kate said...

I am doing a Mediterranean cruise this summmer. My first cruise too!