08 June 2009

belle's beauty secrets

hey there, chickadees! hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  i thought it was time for another installment of belle's beauty secrets, an occasional post about the products i use to trick people into thinking i am a semi-presentable little lady. let's focus on skincare today, shall we? 

my maternal grandmother is 76 years old and has the most radiant skin.  part of this is genetics, but also the small fortune she has spent on skincare products.  she passed the genes and love of expensive face creams onto me {along with big boobs and a manic obsession with having the perfect christmas tree}.

sadly, i am on a smaller budget than she is, but i have found a way to make do with some fabulous products.  here are my favorites, in no particular order:
these two products are where i save my money.  baby wipes = ahh-mazing make-up remover.  cetaphil is recommended by almost every beauty mag and celeb dermatologist on the planet, plus you can get a bottle for like 10 bucks and it lasts FOR-EV-ER.

love, love, LOVE.  it's french.  it has a fun name.  it moisturizes and prevents wrinkles.  worth every cent.  need i say more?

i just started using this, so the long-term jury is still out, but so far, so good.  retinol + some fancy moisturizing ingredient i can't spell or pronounce = good enough for me.

so this is where y'all come in.  i am in desperate need of an eye cream.  one that not only depuffs like preparation h on a beauty queen, but also treats those pesky dark circles after too many late nights of champy drinking...err, i mean, reading up on world peace.

what are you using?  any suggestions for moi?


Starfish and Sundresses said...

I desperately need an eye cream too! Let me know if you find one!