25 June 2009

boudoir redecorating update

many moons ago, i wrote about my plans to redecorate my boudoir. because i am on a budget and a large portion of said budget goes to feeding my shoe habit, the redecorating theme has been slow and steady. that said, it is coming along quite nicely. the walls are covered in the lovely benjamin moore love and happiness. the silk gingham valances have been hung {i can't decide whether or not to add the matching panels}. a gorgeous custom-made {by my grandmother} toile drapes my bedside table. and the parentals have informed me that they are buying my new queen-sized{!} mattress set for me. delightful.

now all that remains are a few finishing touches and then two major decisions: the bed frame and the bed linens. here's what i've picked out for the finishing touches:

i just won this print on ebay for $5.99. to be matted, framed, and hung over my bookshelf, in between my windows.

because the puppy boy CANNOT sleep in my bed anymore. WAY too much sheddage action. j'adore the middle bed.
what's a southern girl without monograms? my shams are already monogrammed {pottery barn. pearl embroidered in hot pink. fabulous.}, but i think this would be the crowning glory.

a ginger jar filled with faux cherry blossom branches. i love the unexpected addition of blue to the room, and it's such a dramatic arrangement. branches found a pier 1. still hunting for the vessel.

for the bed frame, i really have no idea what i'm going to do. i keep going back and forth between about 4-5 different ones. all of which i love, all of which are polar opposites. that's a completely separate post.

i think i've narrowed down the bed linens to this lovely plisse blanket cover in white, over a crisp new down comforter.
now if only i could find the room in my wallet to do all of this at once, i could {finally} move on to the guest bedroom/office.