01 February 2010

bad case of the {freezing} mondays

oh you know, typical monday morning. just sitting here torturing myself by looking at pictures of warm and luxurious travel destinations. it's currently 16 degrees here. it snowed all weekend. it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. and this weekend. at which point i may say to hell with fiscal responsibility and book the next ticket out of here to one of these destinations:


KatieSPerk said...

I would like to go to all of these places. Now.

icing on the cake said...

I would probably ruin these places with my loud baby, but they are so beautiful. Ah well, maybe soon!

pve design said...

I would go blind-folded.
Yes, I like to chop too.
Thanks for your recent comment.

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Helloo beautiful scenery. I've been wanting to go to Santorini for a while now - it's just so gorgeous.

Kristin said...

My bloggy partner went to Santorini for her honeymoon and her pics were amazing! I'm dying to go!