03 February 2010

thanks, mom!

i HEART milly, but since i am in the midst of de-debting, i doubt there will be any fabulous michelle smith frocks added to my closet this spring. so when i got this e-mail from bloomie's today, i saw my only chance at milly loot until the devil card{s} is paid off. my mom is a devoted fan of the clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, so i forwarded her the e-mail, kindly begged her to restock via bloomie's, and send the milly bag to her favorite eldest child.

it may not be a dress, but at least my bathroom vanity is getting a little fashion-forward boost this spring! stay tuned for what's cooking wednesdays...


Suburban Princess said...

Adorable!!! The US gets so many great giveaways from Clinique and EL etc!