23 February 2010

various and sundry, part deux

the blogfog {like that? i just thought of it} continues...

*people, ask me some friggin' questions. it will give me something to do.
*so last thursday night i cooked for the new boy for the first time. i made babe's beloved mexican lasagna and this citrus avocado salad. the salad was meh. the lasagna was off-the-charts delicious {thank you, dear alice!}. i sent him home with half a pan of leftovers. i got a guilty phone call the next night confessing that he had eaten the entire thing in one sitting. mission accomplished.
*how am i just now discovering the pioneer woman? my god, J'ADORE her!! currently sitting here drooling over the rosemary rolls recipe...
*which will go great with this meatloaf recipe i am making for the boy next week. he asked me to cook for him again. i'm really liking this excuse to cook with obscene amounts of ground beef. i feel like it justifies all of the red wine.
*which is why i'm starting the 30-day shred on saturday. actually kind of looking forward to it. well, more accurately, looking forward to lounging around in a teeny bikini for a week in palm springs {let the countdown to april 14 begin!}
*no, really. ask me some questions.
*lacrosse season starts tonight. thank god...the first sign of spring.
well, there you have it, my darlings. the second non sequitur brain dump in a week. please pray that spring thaw will also bring a brain thaw pour moi.


Suburban Princess said...

How are you enjoying AK? I kept hoping the train would come with the turn of every page! I was so excited to read it when Oprah had it for her book club but omg I couldnt get through it!

icing on the cake said...

What are your best go to recipes? And, what are your three favorite cookbooks? I like non sequitor brain dumps - that's about all I have going on myself these days :)

MCW said...

I love lacrosse season! My brother is the assistant coach at Marist College. Can't wait to see a few games!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I have been reading Ree from the beginning.
She is very personable.

Make the chocolate cake, for the new man.
He will fall in love!

Pinky Swear.


Red and White Preppy said...

Who is this new boy? I need details, missy ;)

ms. mindless said...

what is your absolute favorite outfit? summer AND winter. Accessories too.

Jennifer said...

Mexican lasagna is sounding perfect right about now - thank you for posting the link to Babe's recipe. Love it.

I'm with you...bring on Spring and lacrosse season!