08 June 2010

it doesn't take much...

...to excite me these days.

about three weeks ago, my vacuum died a rather violent death.  i had the blinds on my living room window pulled all the way up, so the cord was just laying in the floor.  not paying attention, i ran over it with the vacuum, which proceeded to rip the blinds off of the window and tangle them all up in its junk.  insert sadface here.

now, as much as i love, love, love my puppy boy, that little beast is a shedding machine.  daily use of the furminator kind of keeps it under control, but with the temperature and humidity increasing every day, so has his fur output.  it ain't pretty. 

i also have about zero discretionary income right now.  so my darling mother took pity on me and bought me a new vacuum.  and not just any vacuum.  no, it's not my dream vacuum, but it is pretty darn close.  i present to you the bissell momentum cyclonic bagless vacuum.

i used this sucker {pun intended. mwahahahahaha.} for the first time last night and wow-wee-wow-wow.  i'm embarassed at how dirty my floors were.  i had to empy the canister like three times.  this baby picks up everything.  i was literally dancing with glee when i used the attachments on my couch and chair.  those things have a death grip on pet hair but they look practically brand-new.

so those of you in the market for a new vacuum and/or those fighting the losing fight again pet hair, skedaddle over to the tar-jay website and pick yourself up one of these bad boys.  free shipping and clean floors!  a domestic gal's dream come true.

note: neither target nor bissell compensated me for this review.  sadly.


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Ooohhh sounds great!!! I have a nice pet hair/works on hardwood floors vacuum that I LOVE but the next time I'm in need of one, I'll check this out!! :)

LuvRedandWhite said...

I used my new Oreck four times, and already the bag was full of my dog's fur. OOPS!

USCEmily said...

Thank you for this review- we need a new vacuum DESPERATELY and I have been looking for some feedback from someone who has actually bought a vacuum recently! I'm bookmarking this post!

SLynnRo said...

I'm so mad. Last year when OUR vacuum broke, Mr. A went out and bought a new one without consulting me. LIVID.