29 June 2010

you chose to shine

inspired by QBS and black labs and lilly, i present to you my magic sparklies:

snuggles with the puppy boy
 l.l. bean duck boots and boat and totes
clean, crisp white sheets
the way a certain somebody looks at me
christmas baking and decorating
mountain sunrises and sunsets
chocolate soft-serve in a cake cone with rainbow sprinkles
cigars and beer on the deck with my daddy
gold sandals
dance parties in my car
when guys hold the door and stand when you leave the table
diet cherry limemades from sonic happy hour
that feeling after a good long shower after a good long workout.
my childhood bedroom
the smell of a freshly waxed barbour coat
memories of oxford
family food traditions: chinese food on christmas eve, fried chicken for the daytona 500, homemade banana split ice cream at the beach, sliced cucumber with salt and pepper all summer from the garden at every meal
wedding blogs
martinis and gossip with my mama
stepping on a particularly crunchy-looking leaf
birthday dinner for me or for loved ones. and candles on the cake.
creating my own little independent semi-single girl life
NARS orgasm.  and the real deal as well.
fresh lemonade
violent fits of laughter with the sister while watching home alone 1 or 2
summer tans
fall weather
thank-you notes: sending, receiving, and the stationary that enables them
lemon meringue pie
hearing my dad laugh
guys in pink
monday night girls' nights
a good long outdoor run with only my ipod and the birds to keep me company
my grandmother's cheese toast and my grandmama's eggs in a basket
 perfect pie crust
long early-morning walks with the puppy
historical biographies
culinary knowledge passed on from mom in the form of sourdough bread and the perfect chili
tomato sandwiches: sunbeam bread. tomatoes from the garden. duke's mayo. a pinch of salt and pepper. 
basil plants
my mom's homemade waffles
college football
inside jokes with the little sister
watching the pacific northwest ballet's performance of the nutcracker on vhs a million times every december
stand-up comedy
new shoes
the first batch of pumpkin squares on the first day of perfect fall weather
cherry blossoms..the most wonderful harbinger of spring
monthly arrival of stacks of interior design and cooking magazines
paying down debt
winning an ebay auction
make-up free days
 jasmine tea
a clean house
being in love


Anonymous said...

I like your sparklies. A lot. :)

VA Gal said...

Those sound wonderful. My day feels less stressful just reading your list. :-)

Black Labs and Lilly said...

Love it!!! Such a great list, I want to print mine out and frame it in my bathroom to start each day with a smile!

MCW said...

You have such a great list! I am going to make one too, the 3 of you have inspired me!

RaleighEM said...

all of those are great! especially hearing your dad laugh. my dad has the most hilarious laugh. when he gets tickled we all die laughing.

Black is the New Black said...

I love this!

dreaming in pink and green said...

LOVE this list. I need to make one of my own :)