07 July 2011

paradise found

thank y'all a million times for all the honeymoon advice! i now have a list of fabulous tropical destinations to fall back on for future vacays.  after much hemming and hawing, we booked our honeymoon redux to st. lucia.  we will be spending 7 glorious days and nights at the east winds inn!

east winds combines the things the beau and i most wanted out of a trip.  for the beau, that meant all-inclusive and a swim-up pool bar.  he's easy to please.  for me, it meant a small, luxurious location that a} was NOT a sandals and b} had stellar reviews on tripadvisor.  for both of us, it's somewhere neither of us has been, it's warm, it has a beach, and there's not much to do other than tan, sip cocktails, and dorothy parker.

i've already spoken with the reservations manager and she was beyond sweet.  the food is supposedly divine.  and i'm hoping the clientele will discourage the beau from his insistance upon a honeymoon beach velcro-paddleball tournament where we are the only two players. we'll see. 

can't wait!


USCEmily said...

We'll be in St Lucia at the same time!