14 July 2011


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these are my mottos this week

y'all.  what. a. week.  and it's not even friday yet!  after three long weeks on the road, the beau returned home on monday.  i made him a welcome home dinner of fried green tomato blts and the tortellini salad from the most recent southern living.  i introduced him to tomato sandwiches last summer and they became something of an obsession.  i don't think fried green tomatoes ranked quite as high, but he ate two sandwiches and 4 more leftover tomatoes the next day, so they were still a hit :)

we've had a lot of major personal decisions to make this week and it has not been easy.  we finalized everything last night and i can't wait to share our news with you soon. it's also been a week with LOTS of wedding decisions.  am i the only person who actually enjoys finalizing orders for table linens and custom glassine bags? just me?  making big decisions is exhausting!

tonight we are off to my hometown for more life-decisions and dinner with my parents.  then the beau's sister and her beau get into town late tonight for a weekend visit.  they have never come to small town, va to see us, so we are super excited to have them.  not so super excited about the amount of cleaning and laundry that needs to be done before their midnight arrival.  but i am going to test drive these browned butter banana muffins {recipes here and here} and i am PSYCHED. 

i'll be back tomorrow with a long overdue fit train friday update!



Cami said...

Cute photos - love them! :)

<3- Cami

New to blogging- nice to meet you!!

KatiePerk said...

I love finalizing things! Such a feeling of accomplishment.Will be making the tortellini salad soon!

Mabel and Zora said...

Dorothy knows what shes talking about!

Kate said...

Excited to hear the final details!!

living well said...

I love that first quote! Have a great weekend!