25 July 2011


as it turns out, trying to coordinate a move on less than two weeks notice in a suffocating heat wave with a 60-pound dog is rather difficult.  we thought we had found the perfect condo for us. two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, walk-in closet, fireplace, private deck, hardwood floors.  we loved it and the price was right, so we submitted our application.  now, keep in mind that in my initial e-mail to the owner, i told her that we had a dog who was NOT small, but that he had lived his entire life in rented buildings and that we had never had any issues or complaints from landlords.  she didn't mention that being an issue in her response and promptly put me in touch with her realtor.  when the realtor called to check our references, BOTH my current and immediate past landlords gave us glowing reviews and said that they had zero concerns about our dog.  so we get a call from the realtor on saturday letting us know that we've been approved for the condo with the teeny tiny stipulation that the owner wants an additional $400 pet deposit.

ridiculous.  we were fully prepared and expecting a pet deposit in the $200 range.  we are moving to a city with a significantly LOWER cost of living than where we currently live, and i've never paid more than $200 in current city.  $400 is highway robbery, especially considering that two different landlords have given us and our dog nothing but positive recommendations.  we are currently in negotiations to bring it down to $200, but it's not looking good.  so we're back to square one.

meanwhile, the new tenant for the house we're currently renting moves in a week from today.  which means we have to have the entire house packed up, cleaned, and vacated by 11:59pm this saturday.  did i mention that the beau is conveniently out of town for work all week?  so by "we" have to be moved out, i basically mean "i" have to be moved out.  and i HATE moving.  have you ever tried to hire a mover to do the job the week of?  not easy.

we did manage to take 6 bags of items to the goodwill last night and another two bags of the beau's gear from the current job back to his office.  and as part of her unofficial MOH duties, my little sister has offered to come and help us me pack over the next two days.  but still, the whole process is daunting.

whew, ok, needed that vent! on the plus side, i had a serendipitous encounter last week and now have a job interview in event planning in the city we're moving to this week.  i am nervous and excited.  wish me luck!

happy monday!


MCW said...

At least you aren't moving to NYC. Pet deposits are $1000.

Good luck and I am sure you will be able to pull it off, even though I know it feels like you are under water right now!