08 July 2011

wedding hair!

i had my first hair trial for the wedding last night.  i'm trying to decide between two different hairstyles, so i wanted to start the trials relatively early so i could have time to make a final decision.  here are the two style groups i'm trying to decide between:


can't remember where i found this, but any help identifying would be great!

so mainly, i'm trying to decide between all hair swept away from my face or some bangs/tendrils around the face.  my veil is very simple.  just one layer cathedral length ivory tulle without any embellishment.  i'm only planning on wearing the veil for the ceremony and then ditching it for the reception.  my big concern with the bangs in the face {which is the look i prefer} is that i plan on tearing up the dance floor at our reception.  i have naturally wavy/curly hair and i sweat glisten like a farmhand, so i'm afraid that what looks sleek and gorgeous at the church is going to be a literal hot, frizzy mess at the reception. not pretty.

i tried out kind of a combo of the two looks last night.  here are the results:

we're going to move the bun part down a little bit {to be more like picture #2 of the bangs/tendrils picture} and smooth it out some, but overall, i really like it. i slept in it last night and it was still going strong this morning, so i have faith in its ability to make it through the long haul on the dance floor. the final look i think is going to be a combination of the last swept away picture and the last bangs/tendrils pictures.  we're not 100% there yet, but i was very pleased for the first trial.

what do you think?


KatiePerk said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

Legallyblondemel said...

Love! Totally classic & flattering on you. Think you hit the perfect compromise.

FWIW, I did something more like that 2nd to last photo (brunette w/ the Audrey-style brows) and wish I'd done something softer like your 'do.

Sunny & Star said...

Beautiful picks! I think everyone is going to look a little messy after dancing the night away!

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Perfectly Imperfect said...

I really like the Natalie Portman look. I think you'll like it more if you have your hair completely back. I did the tendril thing and it was so hot and I was so sweaty that those things just stuck to me :( I really like your practice hair!

ms. mindless said...

I like it! crazy that the do held up while sleeping!