02 August 2011

it's true

everyone told me that once we got under the 100 days until the wedding mark, time would fly by.  and boy, were they right!  today marks 88 days until the big day, and i feel like there are a bazillion {that's a technical term} things left to do. 

this week is working as my beauty dress rehearsal of sorts.  today i'm having my highlights touched up and my eyebrows groomed.  tomorrow evening i'm doing a spray tan test run.  i would be lying if i said i wasn't having nightmares of anne hathaway a la bride wars. yikes.  have any of you spray tanned before? any advice?
saturday morning i'm doing a test run of my wedding make-up.  my first bridal shower is on saturday afternoon {so. excited.} and then a bunch of us are going out to dinner for my birthday, so i figure this will be a good way to see how long the make-up lasts and how well it photographs.  here are the pics i'm taking with me for the make-up artist to see:

just the kate hudson part

for the life of me, i have no idea where any of these are from. help, please.

so you can see i'm kind of going for a subtle look.  emphasis on the eyes, but not in a smoky, overdone kind of way.  pink lips.  a nice, healthy glow.  i just want to look like myself, only perfect.  not too much to ask, right? what do you think?

and even more exciting, i shipped my envelopes to our calligrapher this morning!  i can't wait to see the sample she sends for approval.  calligraphy was one thing i knew we would spend on and i just love the pretty, whimisal style of our calligrapher.  hard to believe that the invites will be in the mail in less than a month!

we also have our pre-marital counseling session this friday.  normally something i'm not sure i would be looking forward to, but since i come from a big family of ministers, my mom's sweet cousin is marrying us and i know he will make this a great and helpful experience for us.  plus it means lunch at dickey's! beef brisket and okra, here i come! never mind the fact that my first dress fitting is a week away...


Day Old News said...

Love your calligraphy! Good luck with the spray tan - remember to wipe down your hands and feet right after!

RLMurphy said...

The only advise I can give you on the spray tan is use the barrier cream and wash your hands after about 2-4 hours. Good luck!

LuvRedandWhite said...

Time really is flying :) I know you're so excited about everything though!

kelly said...

What a fun time! Your big day will be here before you know it. Enjoy it all! xx

pretty pink tulips said...

I love your calligraphy choice - and am SO excited about your upcoming wedding! Soak it all in and have the time of your life!!!

xo elizabeth

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Time flies, but it seems you have everything very well planned out.

I did mystic tan before my wedding at it was beautiful and perfect. The will create the bronzing combo you want. I got it done on the Thursday afternoon before the wedding so it had time to set and I wasn't stinky for bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal, and the big day.

Have so much fun this weekend-yay!!

culturafemenina said...

...just take a moment a breath!!! ummm...ok...One more time ...ummmm OK...to business ...spray tan...exfoliate, exfoliate don't forget...look better and last longer. invites are going to be fab ...great touch !!!
Best luck.