16 November 2012

Friday Favorites

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?! In honor of my favorite holiday, here are my Thanksgiving favorites:
I would loooooove to sink my teeth into Ina's Roast Turkey with Truffle Butter. This is DEFINITELY what I will be making the first time I host Thanksgiving!
Did you know that my favorite wine, rosé, is the perfect pairing with Thanksgiving dinner?  It's true.  Why not elevate it with a bottle of bubbly?

I'm hoping this is the year Santa starts my collection of Spode 'Woodland'.  So beautiful and so perfect for Thanksgiving.

Loving this simple, festive table centerpiece.  I'm betting it smells pretty amazing too.

The Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich is pretty much the greatest thing in the world.  This is a fancy-schmancy version of it, with brie and chutney. YUM.


Brooke said...

The turkey sandwich looks so yummy! Yea for Thanksgiving!



Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

So funny, I'm cooking a turkey for the first time tomorrow and I have that exact recipe from Ina sitting open on my counter! Great minds think alike!

xx BHB said...

YES to the Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich. The greatest sandwich creation on earth (second place goes to the meatball sub but that's for another day).

TRUFFLE BUTTER. Excuse moi? Looking into that ASAP.

Also, thank you for that decor inspiration. I'm trying to ixnay candles on the table but I'm going to stick with fall colors - reds and oranges, for sure.


Barefoot in the Park said...

that centerpiece looks perfect. and so easy! i'm definatley putting that on my list of things to do!

The enchanted home said...

Ugh, I think that sandwich has me more excited about the day AFTER Thanksgiving than the actual day!! Nothing like leftovers...the best part!

Portuguese Prepster said...

the Woodland set has always been one of my favorites too! And that turkey looks delish..hope you have a lovely thanksgiving!

pretty pink tulips said...

Hi Sarah!!

I so love your taste! Let's clink glasses of that Veuve Rose....and eat off our Spode Woodland dishes!

Wishing you a bountiful and joyful Thanksgiving!
xoxo Elizabeth

Lobster meets Peach said...

Veuve and Thanksgiving leftovers - what not to love!