29 November 2012

The Dude Gift Guide: Christmas

I have no plans to bore you with yet another gift guide for the women in your lives, but true to form, almost all of the Christmas gift guides for men I've seen this year are not for any of the men I know.  That's not to say those gift guides are bad; it's just that I don't find them particularly useful.  Since the last two Dude Guides I've done have been quite popular, I thought I'd take a swing at a Christmas edition.  Let me know if you end up using any of these ideas!

Dude Gift Guide Christmas

1. I could talk about stocking stuffers for days. Stockings are my favorite part of picking out Christmas gifts. So much potential! M is a condiment fanatic.  Aren't most guys? Add a bottle of his favorite hot sauce or one he's never tried before.

2.  One of my besties is a firm believer that every gift-giving occasion is a chance to, ahem, improve a man's wardrobe.  With that in mind, how's about a lovely cotton-cashmere sweater and dapper button-up?

3. Or a field coat that looks oh-so rugged and sexy?

4. Are there men out there who DON'T like Under Armour?  I've never met any.  The ColdGear compression leggings are great for the runner in your life.

5.  Going off of my friend's theory, I'm a firm believer that Christmas is a time to purchase little luxuries for people that they would never purchase for themselves.  Case in point: this lovely T. Anthony leather business card holder. Very bespoke and a fabulous stocking stuffer.

6.  The cold-weather version of his favorite boat shoes.

7.  Bacon Salt. Is any description necessary?

8.  Another one of those little luxuries: a leather Dopp kit. {True story: M puts his travel toiletries into sandwich baggies.  Eesh.}

9.  For the golfer in your life {doesn't everyone have one?}: Graphic Image's Memorable Golf Rounds book. A scrapbook for those who don't scrapbook.

10., 11., 12. M is REALLY into making breakfast. It's his favorite meal, and truth be told, he's a lot better at making it than I am. If you know anyone who fits that bill, what about a breakfast kit? A quart of theeee best maple syrup, a pound of theee best bacon, and a top-of-the-line waffle maker.

13. Classic suede chukka boots.  They'll never go out of style and they're built to last.  Plus they do a nice job of dressing up any outfit without looking too formal.

14.  Flannel PJ pants.  If you take nothing else away from this list, this is the gift to buy.  My mom got M a pair of these for Christmas last year and, well, he's kind of obsessed.  It is extremely important that you purchase these WITH pockets.

15.  SmartWool socks.  Perhaps a little boring, but everyone loves them and they're always a favorite. And bulky enough to take up some serious space in the stocking!


Anna said...

We love this maple syrup!

AEOT said...

My husband would love everything here. He is obsessed, literally, with smart wool socks. He wears through them faster than anyone I know because they're barely out of the dryer and he's got them on again. Last year he got 8 pairs for Christmas and he's now down to 3 without holes.

B has a fabulous dop kit from Lands End that he loves and I love but a majorite of the time, he's using a baggie as well. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalia said...

Great gift guide with lots of wonderful ideas! My husband is impossible to buy for and this is the first gift guide that really captures his "guy's guy" style. The field coat is in my shopping cart!

KatiePerk said...

Nice work!! I like all of these suggestions!

Kate said...

I think this is a great list. I might get the golf notebook for my brother in law. Perfect!

The enchanted home said...

This is great!!!!! So much so that I am bookmarking it for all the "men" in my life (husband and 3 sons)! Thanks....

gareth batty said...

What wonderful and thoughtful ideas!! I love all your suggestions.

Thanks so much for sharing them!
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