13 November 2012

Movie Season

There are SO MANY incredible-looking movies coming out between now and the end of the year! I'm not sure how I'll get around to seeing them all.  I think I'm most looking forward to Les Miz, Lincoln, and Hitchcock.  I can't make it through the Les Miz trailer without boohooing!

Did I leave any movies out that you're dying to see?  Are you big on seeing a movie in theatres or do you wait to rent it?  We always say we're going to go see it in theatres but inevitably wait until it makes its way to Redbox.  Don't think I'll be able to wait that long on these flicks!


Brooke said...

Defiantly want to see the Anna Karinina movie!



The enchanted home said...

SO many good ones coming up. I will be first in line for Anna Karenina and Les Mis. Supposed to go see Skyfall this weekend.....and Lincoln looks awesome too! Finally some good movies worth going to the theater for!

xx BHB said...

Want to see ALL of these!!!

Anonymous said...

All I've ever wanted to be in life is a Hitchcock heroine. Sign me up!