22 May 2009


i can't even buy things on sale! ~charlotte york

have you ladies all discovered the genius that is shop it to me? you tell them your size{s}, your favorite brands, etc. and voila! you receive weekly e-mails {i get mine twice a week, but i think you can get them every day} with a list of all items in your preferred sizes/brands, along with links and pictures. it's AMAZING. here is a sampling of what they found for me today:

from net-a-porter: this darling tibi dress, retail $295, on sale for $177
from bloomies: this colorful tory reva clutch, retail $350, on sale for $245

from shopbop, this tres chic juicy couture jacket {when did they become so stylish?!}, retail $298, on sale for $208.60
and from nordstrom, this fabulous trina turk lbd. retail $298, on sale for $177.90
see why shop it to me is so wonderful?! takes all of the work out of online shopping. if any of you would like an invite, please let me know, but consider yourselves warned: your wallet will be significantly lighter as a result.


icing on the cake said...

Oh, once I'm back to my regular size, I'll definitely have to check it out - for now I'll use it as motivation!

Mr. and Mrs. Happily-ever-after said...

I would love an invite, if you don't mind. It will be great once I finally get a *real* job and start making money!