13 May 2009

what's cooking wednesdays: the bachelorette edition

love, love, LOVE her

what's up, buttercups?

it's that time again....what's cooking wednesdays! my local girlies and i made a tradition this past winter of watching the bachelor {rat bastard that jason meznick is}, drinking cocktails, and eating whatever was laying around the house. in honor of our fave cuddly canook returning to our living rooms on monday for the season premiere of the bachelorette, i offered to cook the main parts of a dinner, and everyone else is supplementing potluck-style. we're doing a belated cinco de mayo theme, so here's what's cooking:
*ancho-rubbed flank steak with avocado relish i thought the ancho steak recipe looked better than the one with the relish, so we're switching it up. i like a little spice!
*black beans and rice with cilantro
*another yet-to-be determined side dish, brought by one of my lovelies
*strawberry margarita pie in the immortal words of rachel zoe, i. die.
*cornona lime, margs, and soft drinks for my mormon lovely
*munchies for viewing chips + guac and queso, homemade brownies, probably tequila shots

i am making the steak + relish, black beans and rice, and the margarita pie. we have been planning this party for weeks and i am so pumped. really, who doesn't need something to look forward to on mondays?!

what are you cooking this week, my dears?
happy hump day. love ya, mean it!


Angela said...

Sounds SO fun!!!