17 May 2009

the obsession continues

really, this has gotten completely out of hand. my newfound obsession with interior style/design/decorating whatever you want to call it is taking over my life wallet. i spend an embarrassing amount of my work free time stalking design blogs shelter magazines. it all paid off this weekend because i snagged a few great deals!

love, love, LOVE these pillows from t.j. maxx of all places. $12.99 each and totally perfect for my couch. apologies for the TERRIBLE picture quality. still relying on my crackberry until i can replace my digital.

got this at target for 35 bucks. it is going to look AH-MAZING above my bed.

and these lovelies were completely free, courtesy of my mother's beautiful peony bushes.

things i am currently craving:

yeah....OBSESSED with this rug for my living room floor.

jonathan adler used this table {from pier 1, no less!} in liz lange's weekend home {see may issue of house beautiful} and i literally squealed out loud. this WILL be in my guest bedroom.

and in a world where i have a black amex that i don't pay the bills for, this desk from ws home. le sigh.


The Dunaway's said...

I would love to have a brown couch but our dvd tower and tv stand is black..I have animal print in my living room so it may work..


lovely compelation of images to make a comfy, stylish space :)