15 June 2009

a smorgasbord

happy monday, chickadees! from the looks of my overflowing google reader, it appears as though you all had fabulous weekends. mine was one of those weekends where i didn't really have any plans, so i just did whatever struck my fancy.

friday night, i wondered around barnes and noble and left with a armload of home design magazines and the conclusion that amazon is waaaaaaay cheaper for book purchases. saturday morning, i hit up pier 1 {attempting to find a ginger jar and faux cherry branches to recreate a look from my new july house beautiful in my own boudoir. branches, check. ginger jar, still looking.} then old navy, where i stumbled upon a darling teal tibi~esque maxi dress for $29.50. not on their website, so march yourself to the nearest store and pick one up. then target, where i lost track of time and happily roamed the aisles with a big diet coke in hand. i came home with a new bedspread for the p-units {i'm redecorating their master bedroom for them this summer} and birthday presents for various and sundry family members. then the madre and i had a lazy lunch downtown, drank our way through the wine festival, and headed home to make this for dinner. so.freaking.amazing. you MUST make it immediately. and yesterday was spend lounging poolside. and getting big white polka dots on my backside from my haphazardly self-applied sunscreen. gah.

my beloved hoos lost a heartbreaker game agaist lsu in the opening game of the college world series. we're down, but not out. we play cs fullerton today at 2pm and i will most certainly be taking advantage of my workplace's access to espn360 online. whilst pretending to work on spreadsheets or some other mind-numbingly monday activity.

and best of all....tory burch sale at ruelala today!! if you need an invite, please let me know. or not...i don't want a whole lot of traffic slowing down the site. heehee.

sorry for the fairly dull post today. my family received some bad news last week, and i've been feeling quite blah ever since. don't really have the emotional fortitude to write about it presently, but i promise i will update you all when i can.


Preppy 101 said...

Amazon really can't be beat for prices, can they?

5 in. Heels said...

Spontaneous weekends are the best!!!