08 April 2010

q & a, part deux

ms. mindless said...

what is your absolute favorite outfit? summer AND winter. Accessories too.

This is a tough one. I’m not sure how specific to be because choosing a favorite outfit is like choosing a favorite child…or vodka. Also, I SUCK at Polyvore, so that doesn’t help. And let me clarify by saying i am just NOT an accessories person.  I wish I was, but I'm just not good at it.  I see other girls in their cute earrings and necklaces and belts and then I get all pouty and grumpy becase I think, now why couldn't I think of that?! Friend K made it a New Year's resolution to wear more accessories, and I'm thinking she was on to something.  Practice makes perfect.

Hmmm….In the summer, I would have to say….I got one of the ruffle sleeveless pique polo dresses in orange from J.Crew last summer that I have love, love, loved and absolutely worn into the ground. I’ll dress it up with a hot pink pashmina, gold gladiators, and my standard round diamond studs, or just thrown on some rainbows. It’s SOOOOOO comfortable and it’s just the right combination of sweet, sassy, and sexy. Plus I always get loads of compliments when I wear it!

Is it cheating to say in the winter my favorite outfit is a sweatshirt with yoga pants and my crazy fur boots? I kid….but, no, seriously? That’s probably it. I really really hate winter dressing. Like a lot. I have no talent for layering, I do not enjoy wearing pants, and I never feel warm enough in tights and skirts. That said, I freaking LOVE coats. A lot. So that’s my answer. A hooded sweatshirt, some Lululemons, my crazy fur boots, and a really lovely cashmere coat. And my trusty diamond studs. And my locket. Tres chic, no?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I love these! I want to know what your absolute dream job is and are you doing anything close to that? And what kind of car do you drive?

Good one! I honestly don’t know exactly what my dream job is yet, but I think I’m getting pretty close. I’ve always wanted to be in the nonprofit world, which I am now, but I would prefer to be in the historical home/museum/art museum world {what I studied in college and am crazy passionate about} instead of the education world, where I am now. So basically I would like to advance up the job ladder in the same position I currently hold, but in a slightly different field. That all said, I am beyond blessed with my current work environment. I work with some AMAZING people, my boss is one of my best friends, and despite some of the inevitable bureaucratic red tape, we have a very supportive and efficient infrastructure, from top to bottom. Not too many people can say that about their first jobs, so I feel very lucky.

I drive a 2006 silver Volvo S40, sunroof, black leather interior. Her name is Violet. I love her madly. I will drive her until she is dead. Which, fingers crossed, is a very long time from now.

anonymous prep said...

What's your favorite book? If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Favorite book is a toss-up between Jane Eyre and Undaunted Courage. Nothing else comes close. Jane Eyre was recommended to me by a beloved high school teacher and I loved it every bit as much as she thought I would; I even wrote one of my college admissions essay on it. I was an American History major in college and I worship at the throne of Stephen Ambrose. Undaunted Courage continually blows my mind. Seriously…read it sometime and try to wrap your mind around the amazingness of the Louisiana Purchase and the Corps of Discovery.

As for vacation, Greece. Or Paris. I’ve never been to either {unless you count layovers at DeGaulle} and would go in a heartbeat. I would also love to go on an African safari, but I have internal struggle issues about taking extravagant vacations anywhere in Africa {my grandmother spent 6 months working in Uganda as a nurse and ever since, I feel like my time and money would be better spent going there and doing something productive.} But I also really pink puffy heart LOVE elephants and lions {I’m a Leo!}. I would also really really really like to go back to Italy. I spent a few weeks there in high school and it was wonderful, but I had ZERO appreciation for the amazing works of art and architecture and history I was seeing. Would really like to do that over again.

Little Pink Magnolia said...

How about, what is your ideal way to spend a saturday? Also, what are your favorite things to cook and/or eat?

Favorite way to spend a Saturday:  First off, it would have to be one of those days in early spring or late summer where it's that lovely crisp 75ish degree weather, blue skies, sunshine, lots of green.  Love those.  Would begin with the puppy boy letting me sleep past 8am {he's ready to roll no later than 7:30, even on the weekends}.  Then we would head out to the front porch with a book and a cup of green tea for me and a big stick for the puppy boy and just enjoy the morning for awhile.  This would be followed by the best brunch in town: a McDonald's Egg McMuffin and large Diet Coke, lite ice.  Judge all you want...I'm working with limited options here.  And Egg McMuffins are seriously tasty.  Then a nice long walk for the puppy boy with friend K and her doggie on our local nature trail.  Spend the afternoon wandering around the antique shops and all the cute boutiques downtown.  Lay out and nap in the sun.  Cook a leisurely dinner, complete with lots of vino.  And then hang out with the crew...generally at someone's house...drinking beer, making s'mores, listening to music, and just having fun!

It’s funny….my favorite things to cook are totally different from my favorite things to eat. I love to cook stews and soups and pot roasts and risottos. I think the whole chopping and stirring and simmering for a long time is very comforting and therapeutic. I also like the idea of preparing something warm and hearty. But I’m take it or leave it when it comes to eating those things. I don’t dislike them, but they’re not at the top of my list. I also love, love, love to bake but I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, so I give away most of what I make. I am anal to a fault, so the whole exact measurement part of baking really appeals to me. And the results are so pretty! And homemade baked goods always make people happy.

My favorite things to eat are….I don’t know how to explain it other than summer food or composed foods. Simple Southern or Italian food. Just really fresh antipasto basically. A good caprese salad, smoked salmon tartines, prosciutto and melon, tomato sandwiches, composed salads, sushi, cold soba noodles….stuff like that. Very fresh, very low maintenance, very yummy.

this was fun!  thanks to everyone who asked questions and i hope y'all have enjoyed getting to know the belle a little bit better!


Trish said...

OK girlfriend you and I are definitely kindred because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Egg McMuffins and Large Diet Coke for breakfast. SERIOUSLY!!! :) Such a fun Q&A!

Allison said...

Hey girl, love your blog lots and left you a little something over at my blog :)


Trish said...

Hey cutie - back to tell you that I am SERIOUSLY trying to find that La Vie En Rose pic for us. We both NEED IT!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I love these!! You answers are fabulous! Ahhh I am just picturing that day you described in my head right now...Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo