07 April 2010

what's cooking wednesday: the new york times edition

i'm about 99.9% certain i have posted the link to this goldmine before, but it's so darn wonderful that it's worth repeating.  now that it's once again 85+ degrees here in small town, va every day {note: this is NOT a complaint}, it's time to revisit. this was an article published in the nyt last july and i became a woman on a mission...a mission to make and destroy every single one of these delicious-looking {sounding?} salads.  i failed.  but i don't give up so easily...i will be trying again this summer.  join in the fun! you and your bikini figure will not be disappointed.  allow me to suggest starting with the following:

number one, number seven, number thirteen, number twenty seven {can't recommend this one enough.  i eat it greedily and usually burn myself on the eggplant}, number thirty eight, number sixty three, and number seventy six.

i also feel it's wholly appropriate to wash any of these babies down with a nice glass of white or rose or bubbles.  these salads are so responsible that it seems ok to throw in a naught bit of midday drinking.  not that an irresponsible lunch has ever stopped me, but that's another story for another time.

bon appetit, darlings!


Trish said...

What a great post, I hadn't seen this yet! I can never get tired of eating salads, but this opens the door to so many new possibilities! I'd love to join you for a salad on a warm afternoon with a chilled glass of wine!! :) XOXO

MCW said...

Love this! I have never seen it...always looking for salad ideas. Perfect!

Trish said...

Hey sweets, back to tell you YES I LOVE the pic of "La Vie En Rose" as well!! Girl, trust me, I'll make it my mission to hunt us each down a copy! I heart it big time! XOOX