14 April 2010

saturday trip to mecca

as you read this, i should be somewhere in the sky on my way to palm springs!

one of the biggest perks of living in small town, va is that i'm only about an hour's drive away from mecca, aka the j.crew clearance store.  j.crew's shipping headquarters is located in our little neck of the woods and they have these two little gems where they sell items that are brand-new featured in the current catalog for majorly discounted prices.  there are various reasons why they choose to sell them in the clearance store instead of restocking them, but i've been told the main reason is that's it's not cost-effective for them to repackage the items.   whatever the reason, it adds up to major savings por moi!  take a look at the goods i scooped up on saturday:

the ladder-stitch cashmere sweater in neon rose, currently selling for $89.99 on the website.

the pippa patent peep-toes in grey, currently selling for $149.99 on the website.

the pixie pants, currently selling for $88 on the website.

the stretch twill minnie pants {my absolute obession in life} in wild blackberry, currently selling for $79.50 on the website.

and the most darling little black cotton-blend trapeze shell {embellished with a sprinkingly of black "jewels} that i can't find on the website, but as a long-time j.crew shopper, i would guesstimate retails for around $50 or $60.

grand total?  $146, including tax.  for all of that.  less than what just the shoes are selling for right now!  and everything is in pristene condition.

moral of the story:  y'all need to come visit me and i will take you on the shopping excursion of a lifetime.


LuvRedandWhite said...

WOW! I am impressed! I would love to pick up some of the dresses that are currently selling for $150-$180 a piece!

North East Chic! said...

ohhh I purchased those shoes in black when the first came out and ended up returning them. I have regretted it ever since!

MCW said...

Where is this place???? Next time in MD I want to head down!!!

House Queen said...

Great job and I am really loving that sweater and those shoes!!!! Have a fab Wednesday!

Trish said...

That's it Miss Belle, you've got me 100% convinced I need a girly trip to VA to shop with you, eat Egg McMuffins with diet coke and visit a drive in movie. Sound like a fun date? :)

By the way, I am back to tell you that as your friend and loyal reader, I HAVE FOUND IT! Remember how much you said you loved the "La Vie En Rose" picture last Wordless Wednesday?

Well darling, I made you a promise that I would find it and momma taught me never make a promise you can't keep. Here you go!



CT Cupcake said...

I love the "magic" jcrew outlet! plus then I can hit the sonic for a diet cherry limeade since we don't have on in cville!

Michelle said...

Okay, so I live an hour from the j.crew outlet in Williamsburg, but I MUST go to this magical clearance store. I take it that it's BETTER than the outlet??

Do share with me where it is...pretty, pretty please! :)

Annabel Manners said...

Lucky you! Hope you have a marvelous time in Palm Springs!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I so need pants and dresses and shoes and accessories...one day :0

LWH said...

Holy cow...I live in Virginia and don't know where this is. Help a sister out! Have a great trip and enjoy every minute!