12 April 2010

weekend recap

recipe for the perfect saturday

hi lovelies!  i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  mine was an absolute delight.  small town, va has a drive-in movie theatre and this past weekend was opening weekend for summer 2010.  it shows a double-feature every weekend {runs in reverse order on sunday nights} and is SO much fun!  this week, the blind side was showing {LOVED it!}and since two of my friends and i STILL hadn't seen it, we piled into violet the volvo and headed to the show.  we had every intention of staying for the second flick {it's complicated}, but we were all about to fall asleep, so we just called it a night.  i'm getting old.

saturday saw a successful j.crew shopping trip {more on that later} and a chick-fil-a diet arnold palmer.  throw in a pedicure {OPI Cajun Shrimp}, blue skies, sunshine, and dinner with my parents and their UK business partners at one of my all-time favorite restaurants and you have the makings of a perfect day.  not to worry, QBS, i peppered them with questions about the hopefully impending royal wedding.  their main concern is whether or not they'll get the day off work like we did when charley and di were hitched. i promised to wear a hat and gloves while i watch the wedding, even it's in the wee morning hours from my living room couch.

sunday was go, go, go as i am trying to get packed and ready for...COACHELLA! {socal bloggy friends, will any of y'all be there?  yes? let's try to meet up, even if only for a hug!} i cannot believe i'm leaving on wednesday for palm springs.  i am so excited to go back and see my uncle and spend time with my sister and friend K and hear some AMAZING music {whilst tanning myself into oblivion}, but i have a to-do list as long as my arm to take care of before i can hit the road.  fortunately got most of my preliminary packing done yesterday, so i just have to remember to throw in those last-minute toiletries and actually get everything into the car.  now if only i can remember to drop off the dry-cleaning, mail wedding RSVP's and blog swap packages, take care of a zillion things at the office, attend a junior league meeting with these yummies in tow, and get the puppy boy in the care of his grandparents by tomorrow at 6pm, i'll be all set :)

wish me luck!


little miss can't be wrong said...

i just LOVE chik-fil-a.... it's one of my secret shames!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Ooohh I LOVE going to the drive in!! We have one about 45 minutes from our house. It is so fun to sit in the back of the truck with some pillows and walk over to get some homemade peach ice cream. Good times!!

Isn't The Blind Side great???? I've seen it twice and I can't wait to see it again. I loved loved loved it.

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I am so excited for you for your trip to Palm Springs!!! I hope you have an awesome time! :)

Black Labs and Lilly said...

AAAHHH!!! I can't believe you are going to Coahcella! Have an amazing time and enjoy every second of it!!!

Trish said...

What a fun weekend recap! I had a bunch of friends who went to UVA and I remember going to a really cute drive in theater outside of Charlottesville on several warm summery nights. SO FUN! Best of luck with all your preparations for your upcoming trip, you're going to have the most amazing time! Take lots of pictures!!

MCW said...

Never heard of Coachella!