21 September 2010

a few questions...

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connecticut cupcake {who we just discovered that we're in the same junior leage. hilarious.} tagged me to do her 8 questions. so fun!! here goes:

1. how/where did you meet your best friend? i met my childhood best friend on the first day of 7th grade. we were assigned seats next to each other in english and bonded over the fact that on the day the book reports were due, we were both sitting in the back of the class still reading the assigned summer reading books. i met my best friend from college when we were both accepeted into the university guide service in the same probational class.  we bonded over mutual love of bourbon, college football, and tiffany silver and went on to host some pretty phenomenal tailgates together.  all three of us actually lived together our last year at uva and i still absolutely adore them both.

2. what would your theme song(s) be?

3. name an accomplishment in your life you are proud of.  without sounding like a total snot, can i say my life as it stands right now in general?  most of the girls i went to high school with went on to not-very-good colleges and/or had kids and got married very very very young and never left our hometown.  and if that makes them happy, then mazel tov.  but i always knew that that was not the life for me.  i graduated from a wonderful school and struck out on my own.  i have my own place, my own car, my own dog, an unbelievably amazing group of friends, a loving {and gorgeous} beau, and i feel like i'm in a very good place.  does that make me sound terrible?  i really hope not.

4. where is one place you really, really want to visit? france.  i've flown in and out of de gaulle, but never spent time there.  and not just paris. i would love to spend time in the french countryside and the south of france. and i would love to go back to italy and bring the beau with me.  his family is italian {his mom is first-generation american} and he has never been!

5. favorite ice cream flavor? at an ice cream shop, my go-to is always soft-serve chocolate with rainbow sprinkles in a waffle cone. at maggie moo's, it's the chocolate cake batter.  nom nom nom.

6. one item of clothing or accessory you are dying to own? an hermes kelly bag. NOT a birkin bag. a kelly bag.  and yes, there is a difference. 

7. what are your guilty pleasures? 'golden girls' marathons on the hallmark channel, ben & jerry's dublin mudslide, bad top 40 pop music, french fries, champagne, shoes

8. what made you decide to start a blog? i had been blurking for about 6 months or so, introduced to blogs by mrs. mindless.  i don't really know what made me do it, i just all of a sudden decided to give it a go and see what happened.  it will be two years in january! so hard to believe.

i've seen a lot of you doing this already, so i'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to play along, i'd love to hear your answers to these questions!


Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i LOVE the golden girls marathons. love love love.

CT Cupcake said...

yay! thanks for playing!
PS got my jlc v vines tote last week(am a provisonal advisor and we had them at the mtg) they are awesome!

MCW said...

Don't rain on my parade is a perfect theme song!

LPC said...

how fun. I didn't know you had come to blogging via Miss Mindless. She and I met, in SF:).