24 September 2010

fit train friday

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damn you, bro*oklyn d*ekker.  gorgeous AND married to andy roddick.  if i keep it up, maybe i'll look like this next summer?

so i'm joining mama perfect on the fit train.  i have gained WAY too much weight over the summer and my pants are getting a little tight and it ain't purty.  a combination of it being obscenely hot this summer {which meant i very quickly fell out of my walking the dog for 5 miles every day routine} and my adopting the beau's less than healthy eating habits have me at a place i am not happy with.  luckily for me, the beau is not only supportive {and would love me even if i were the size of a house}, but also is a college men's athletics coach and played d-1 college sports himself, so he's pretty good at crafting a workout.  when i told him that i needed to get back in the gym, not only to lose weight, but to tone up and feel better, he came up with a great program for me.  i've been following it for just about two weeks now and i am loving it!

right now on the monday, thursday, and friday workouts, i'm follwing the couch to 5k plan in place of his recommended running, obviously with the goal of being able to run 3 miles by the end of october {and then hopefully more!} i have three days off each week, but generally on at least one or two of those days, i still take the puppy boy for his nice long walk.  i already feel better, but i haven't stepped on a scale yet and won't for at least one more week.  i'm also working on getting my eating habits back in order.

please help keep me on the path SKINNY and narrow!  and please enjoy the workout the beau crafted for me below:

20 minute run outside at your own pace to warm up
in fitness center:
10 DB bent over row – alternate arms {5-10 lb. weights [10 lb. max]}
10 standing squats – no weight at first, add medicine ball as you progress
10 tricep kickbacks
10 DB lunges
10 mountain climbers each leg

repeat 3 times.

30 seconds between reps. 1 minute between sets.

30 minutes on elliptical or stationary bike at own pace.
200 abs your way


30 minute run outside

repeat monday


REBrown said...

My college roommate was very good friends with Brooklyn Decker...believe me she doesn't get her body from working out and eating right....I guess some people just have good genes! JEALOUS

MCW said...

I know you love lacrosse! Does he coach somewhere? My little bro is an assistant coach at a DI school too!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

yay for fit train friday!!!! Now we can keep each other motivated and hopefully look like that girl in the picture!

You did great for week 1. Keep it up girlie!

Beth Dunn said...

Getting back to fitness over here too!

Anonymous said...

Nice workout routine! Stay fabulous!

XO, Mrs. U