03 September 2010

home sweet f*&@$#g home

so here's the thing:  i try REALLY hard not to complain about my little townhouse.  at the end of the day, i am able to afford a fairly large space for the puppy boy and me, a roof over our heads, and a safe neighborhood within walking distance of my office.  these are definitely all things to be grateful for and in the almost three years that i've been in this place, i think i've done a reasonably nice job of making a nice little nest for myself.

and then there are nights like last night and mornings like this morning.

my place doesn't have central air.  i have a window unit in my bedroom and a floor fan in my living area.  most summers this has not been an issue.  this summer i have been miserable.  literally, i will go to the gym and work out for an hour and come home and shower and sweat more post-shower in my apartment then i did during the entire 45-minute beating i just took on the elliptical machine. 

i attempted to do the dishes last night during college football half-time.  at 9pm, i was literally pouring sweat because...wait for it...i also don't have a dishwasher.  and my kitchen is TEENY.  therefore my sink is TEENY.  so between the heat from lack of air conditioning and the heat from the hot water in the sink, i was disgusting.  and i just lost it in the middle of the kitchen.  i just really hate being miserable in my own apartment. 

so i wake up early this morning to take a shower and de-disgustify myself from last night's dishwashing marathon.  my shower has a hot water knob and a cold water knob.  i turn the hot water on.  i go to turn the cold water on and the little plastic knob just starts a-spinnin'.  awesome.  i really give it some elbow grease and manage to get it to turn on.  except now it is stuck and i cannot turn the water off.  did i mention that the pipes in my building are old as dirt and drain veeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyy slowly?  so the bathub is filling, filling, filling.  and the water won't turn off.  and i don't own tools.  and my landlord's office is not yet open.  and the beau is still asleep.  i wake him up and then head to wal*mart in my pj's to buy tools.  20 minutes and 20 dollars later, i return.  the beau uses the pliers to turn the water off.  it's now 30 minutes after i am supposed to be at work.  i'm crying and yelling and generally not happy.

the landlord sends the super over.  he manages to fix it in 5 minutes because apparently this happens all. the. time. at other apartments in my complex and the landlord is too tight to spring for better quality shower equipment.  le sigh.  i would love to have enough money to move somewhere nice enough to have central air and a dishwasher and laundry facilities {nope, don't have that either!}, and a functional shower.  people always seem to look back fondly on their days being young, broke, and fabulous, but i'm pretty much over it.

oh and also, our office doesn't consider labor day a holiday.  so this is not a three-day weekend for me.

i am SO in need of this jimmy buffet concert, pronto!  i decided to bring hopsy's hello dolly bars and my mom's baked ham rolls {a.k.a. kelly's bunco buns} for the tailgate.  we've got a little grill all ready to go for burgers, brats, and chicken kebabs.  bring on the strawberry daiquiris!

hope y'all have a lovely holiday weekend and wear as much white as you can over the next three days!


Preppy 101 said...

Oh honey - I think it's perfectly okay for you to complain today! Those things are so annoying. But Jimmy will make it all better! Have a great weekend. I agree on the white ;-) xoxo

Telia said...

OH MY GOSH!! I read that post and became an instant follower!! If anyone, other than myself, has things like that happen I am totally on board!! Sorry about everything but try to perk up!!

VA Gal said...

Oh, my goodness! What a day. I hope the Jimmy Buffet concert is lots of fun after all of that.

Annabel Manners said...

Le sigh is right. You need to head straight for margaritville, darlin! Hope your weekend is nothing but fun!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Girl. I hope you drank yourself silly this weekend because you deserve it. There is no possible way I could live without central air. You are my hero for surviving that long!

icing on the cake said...

Oh no! Poor baby! That would make me cry. I hope you had a really nice holiday weekend and that it cools down there soon! BTW, I am not sure if it is your neck of the woods, but I have a wedding at the Greenbriar this spring. Do you have any advice?