16 September 2010

a little thursday treat pour moi

hi lovies!  just thought i'd share a little purchase i just made for myself.  i have been a very good girl all spring and summer and did not buy any new clothes for myself.  you have no idea how much restraint this took {well...maybe you do!} but each month when i see the small {but noticeable, nonetheless} increase in available balance on my credit cards, it is SO SO worth it. 

that all said, when i was in california in april, i popped into the j.crew store in santa monica on orders from mi madre to pick up any jackie cardigans they had on sale for her.  anyhoo, i spotted the ankle stretch toothpick white jeans and tried them on and fell in love.  sadly for my wardrobe {but luckily for my wallet}, the very sweet salesguy informed me that these particular jeans were running small and most people needed to go up a size.  and the store was totally out of what would have been the next size up for me.  so i left empty handed.

on a whim, i logged on to the website this morning and browsed the sale section.  lo and behold, my jeans were there, marked down to $39.99 from $98.  and i had a j.crew rewards card for $25 about to expire.  once you factor in shipping and tax, i still only paid $25 out of pocket for these babies.  i have been needing some new white denim for years.  the ones i have are still in great condition, but they're about 2 inches too short to wear with anything but flats.  i think i'm going to take them to my tailor and have her turn them into white denim bermudas...or is that too jorts?  thoughts?

happy thursday!


Anonymous said...

Yay, you got a great deal! You were obviously MEANT to own that pair :-) I love white jeans, too.