16 March 2011

back in action

yikes, i can't believe it's been over a week since i last posted!  i was in nyc for work last week and between preparing to the trip and then the disaster that was the trip {i got food poisoning, had to walk 25 blocks carrying my luggage in a monsoon, the beau's team lost their game, AND i never got my beloved crack pie or a compost cookie}, i was all over the place.  and then i spent most of friday trying to get in touch with friends in japan to make sure they were ok.  fortunately, all are safe and sound, although understandably traumatized. 

this week, i've been busy filling out my bracket.  the beau and i have a bracket going and the trash talking is really heating up.  if when i win, he has to take me out to dinner at the nicest restaurant in town with no complaints about portion sizes or prices.  on the off chance that he wins, i have to cook him a homemade meal of his choice with no complaints about how unhealthy it is.  right now, i've got ohio st. winning it all, but i'm really waffling about that choice.

i haven't done a menu monday in two weeks {!}, mainly because neither the beau or i have been home to eat any homecooked meals.  the only meals on the menu this week are brown soda bread and shepherd's pie {the beau's request} in honor of st. patrick's day, FINALLY making the sullivan's island shrimp bog that's been on my must-make list for at least four weeks now, and gina's arroz congri, one of my favorite healthy meals that just screams sunshine to me.

on the wedding front, our sweet stationer ashley {please send her some sparkly thoughts, she just lost her grandmother} found the most perfect font {see number ten} and she is hard at work on our save-the-dates.  they go in the mail in a month and a half, which is blowing my mind!

and just for pretty's sake, i picked up a new top at h&m over the weekend and am loving it with my j.crew black pixies and my orange tory romys!


MCW said...

Holy crap. Where did you eat to get food poisoning???

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

i love that outfit! i do. i do. i do. and the font!

MLD said...

i tried that shirt on last month, but didnt buy it. and then i was so excited to see that they have a dress in the same color scheme. might have to scoop it up!

Pink Champagne said...

LOVE the font and the adorable outfit! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you win your fancy dinner... ;)

Telia said...

So glad you are back! I think it is hilarious what he gets if he wins the bet "you can't complain that it's unhealthy" totally know where you are coming from there!!

Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

Anonymous said...

Love the stripe shirt, it is so fun!
Have a wonderful weekend.