03 March 2011

my favorite color

orange, the color of hermes and one of my alma mater's colors, is my absolute favorite color.  it can be bright or dark, depending on what you pair it with.  it can be sophisticated or playful.  and it ALWAYS makes me happy.  lucky for me, orange is everywhere for spring!  here are some of my favesies:

i already got a pair of orange tory romys for christmas.  is a second pair of orange flats redundant? i think not...

i am a bit of a sunglasses junkie and at only 20 bucks, i am seeing these in my future

not just for clothes! i need a new, grown-up address book to keep track of all of our wedding gift givers.  i'm thinking this orange one with my new monogram is just the thing.

sadly this won't be in my summer arsenal {avoiding anything with straps so as to not have tan lines in my wedding dress} but i'm still seriously considering purchasing as my inaugural jamaican honeymoon bikini

love a dress that could be dressed up {with a gold belt, tons of gold bangles, and a great tan} or down {comfy leather sandals and you're good to go}. it's totally on trend and i love the pretty pattern.

the perfect summer color for mani/pedis

le sigh.  on my eternal wish list.

what are your favorite orange items for spring?


Deepali said...

I'm loving those AK flats. I'm also a fan of Hermes, I love their clutches, an orange one for Spring? Yes Please!

KatiePerk said...

cute pics. I am also an orange sort of gal!

zippitydodaaa said...

The polish and bikini are perfect!

ASHLEY said...

I love that bikini and nail color! Yummy for summer!

Kristin said...

Too funny! I totally posted the TB blouse in that print on FB today. This Gator girl loooooooves orange!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I love orange!! I love orange jewelry. You can add it to an outfit of almost any color and it will look good. Bring on spring!!

Dovecote Decor said...

I just found you on Thank You for Asking. I love those posts!! Speaking of orange, I just bought myself an ORANGE sofa for my dining room at the One King's Lane Tony Duquette sale! Come on over and take a gander. Yes Orange is my favorite color. I'm glad to have a kindred soul.