24 March 2011

a place for everything...

...and everything in its place.

i will confess that i am not a very organized person.  i want to be, badly, but like the true fire sign/procrastinator that i am, i always seem to find myself distracted by something else.  well, sweet readers, that ends today.

i don't know if it's the approximately 400 get organized! e-mails i've gotten from the container store this month, or all of the spring cleaning posts i'm seeing from fellow bloggers, or my recent discovery of deliciously organized {why hello, new blog crush!}via lavender & lilies, or just the fact that i am being swallowed alive by clutter, but something snapped in the past week and i am determined to get my life and belongings, quite literally, in order. 

i at least have enough self-awareness to diagnose my problem as one of, in the opposite of this title, NOT having a place for everything.  thus, everything is ALL OVER the place, instead of in its place.  but i feel totally overwhelmed knowing where to start!  here are the two things i know we need to tackle:

1. paring down our possesions.  big time.  i have several pairs of shoes and items of clothing that i just do not wear.  ditto for the beau.  not to mention, i think there are probably several assorted household items and brick-a-brack that aren't adding anything positive to our lives and are taking up space that could go to.  time for a trip to the goodwill! {the trick is leaving without some little treasure i'm just convinced would make e + j proud}.

2. filing! now that we are merging our lives, this also means a merging of important paperwork.  unromantic, but true.  we have SO much paper clutter that consists of documents we need to keep but have no place for.  i'm thinking our big house purchase for next month is going to be this beauty:

file cabinets can be functional AND chic. white laquer finish!

here are some pics that are inspiring me:

i've been finding some great tips in the blogosphere and on the nest, but i'd love to hear from you! what are your best get organized tips? stay organized tips? where on earth do i start and how?! your help is desperately needed.


gigiofca said...

I'm predisposed to saving things and, therefore, desperately trying to avoid an appearance on Hoarders. However, I do believe that having the proper containers, file cabinets, etc.. is a good start. Seeing the end result is well worth it. I always know I can get there. I just don't know how to stop 'collecting.' Your new home will give you a fresh start. Take advantage of it!