02 March 2011

wedding wednesday

y'all, i am TRES excited about this post because i am TRES excited about our fabulous wedding photographer!  cramer photo was the very first vendor we booked, and honestly, was a major factor in picking our date, since sarah was booked solid for the original dates we had in mind.  i have been a fan of her work for ages and what sold me on it was when she shot one of my dear friends' weddings this past june.

beautiful work comes at a price and using sarah is by far the biggest splurge in the budget.  but i narrowed it down to two photographers and without saying anything about them, sent both links to the beau.  i think he nailed it when he said, sarah's pictures just look happy.  i can't wait for our engagement shoot this spring {which reminds me...i really need to get around to scheduling that!} and to see how she captures our wedding day.  here are some examples of her amazeballs work:

all photos courtesy of cramer photo

you can also check out this post of her year in review: http://www.cramerphoto.com/2010/charlottesville-child-photography/looking-back-at-2010/. so. fantastic.

and brides-to-be, she travels! so if you're in need of a photographer, get in touch.

happy wednesday!


MCW said...

I really think the photographer is one of the most important aspects of the wedding! Are you getting married in BF's home state or yours??? Just curious!

carrie1 said...

oh... she is AMAZEBALLS!!! And even though I have no wedding... no babies.... no engagement coming up I am still going to keep her in mind.

KatiePerk said...

So pretty!! Nice choice!!

And I can't help but wonder... said...

I love these photos! I am also in the mist of wedding planning! Good luck with the rest of your planning :)

zippitydodaaa said...

Splurging on a photographer is definitely worth it... great choice!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Amazing photos! I don't think you'll regret spending a large chunk of your budget on pictures. We had horrible pictures of our day and it still bothers me six years later. You'll love having those pictures!