11 April 2011

blissful weekend

this weekend was one of those weekends that was just so utterly perfect.  i'm forgoing menu monday today because i feel like i need to write about the weekend just so i can have a record of it.  besides, i have a sushi date with some of my gal pals this evening, so the menu can wait one day.

friday night my sweet friend {and bridesmaid} k and her man friend came over for dinner.  the boys watched tv and drank beer while k kept me company in the kitchen.  we had my version of ina's spring green risotto and the yummiest cheese plate to nibble on {nancy's hudson valley camembert, an insane aged quebec cheddar, spicy whole grain mustard, apricot preserves, and cracked wheat crackers}.  not to mention the 2 bottles of verdejo/sav blanc blend that k and i downed.  we had the best time just telling stories, watching our dogs play, and listening to jerry seinfeld stand-up.  it was a late night but so, so good to just relax and visit.

the pup all decked out in his uva gear

yes, bellair market is a gas station. and yes, they have the best sandwiches ever.

the winning goal

saturday morning we were up early to beat the bodo's crowd in charlottesville {blt on plain for the beau, egg and american on sesame for me, please and thank you}.  i managed to squeeze in a little shopping {i FINALLY bit the bullet and bought a mia...results pending} before we headed off to the uva v. unc men's lax game.  despite the cold, rainy, icky weather, we had a blast because of the hoos victory!  we grabbed lunch at bellair market {montpelier for me, farmington for the beau} and went to visit some friends.  what was supposed to be a "grab a beer, say hello, hit the road" visit quickly devolved into a "let's pretend we are still 20 years old and in college" visit.  the next thing i knew the beau was bonging a beer and we reserved a couch in a uva student's apartment to crash on.  off we went to the corner for a night of drinking and dancing like we didn't have a care in the world.  i paid for it all day yesterday but let me tell you, it was so. much. FUN. 

yesterday the weather was absolutely perfect.  i spend some QT with my gal pals at friend l's bridal shower and then cuddled up on the couch with the beau and the pup, windows open to better hear the chirping birds, for some masters time.  and what a masters it was!  a hard-fought back 9 and an exciting finish.  attending the masters together is on our couple bucket list.  here's hoping for next year.  we wrapped up the weekend with a LOST season 1, disc 1 marathon.  the beau has never seen an episode and i am a LOST freak, so i'm hoping he'll get just as hooked as i am.  to be continued...

i hope you each had a lovely spring weekend filled with as much fun as mine! best wishes for the week ahead!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

Just catching up... I love the bridesmaid's dresses you picked. So classic. And should be a flattering dress on most body types.

Glad you had such a great weekend!!

dulci said...

I'm from upstate NY and that is my FAVVVVE cheese! sooo good!


Collections said...

OMG you're a lost freak! I'm so excited to find another lost obsesee out there! The most important question is are you team jack or team sawyer? I miss that show so much

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