01 April 2011

fit train friday

well, folks, starting monday there are going to be some drastic changes in the belle and beau household.  we are going vegan...until dinnertime, that is.  i've written on here for awhile now about my attempts to get healthier and more in shape, not just for the wedding, but for life.  i've always been a skinny girl and by all measures, i still am.  but i'm not healthy, or at least not nearly as healthy as i should be. 

what i haven't written about as much is how much the beau wants to do the same.  as a college athlete, he was used to eating anything and everything he wanted {and in very large amounts} with it having zero effect on his weight.  but since he is nowhere near as active as he was in college, those eating habits have caught up.  i mentioned to him today over lunch that i was considering adopting mark bittman's vegan before dinnertime approach and he said he would like to join me.  i am shocked that he wants to do this, but thrilled at the prospect of having a partner to help keep me accountable and encourage me. 

we're not following any strict rules and realize that the first week or so will probably be the toughest, as we adjust our eating patterns and our pantries to this new lifestyle.  trust me when i say neither one of us will be going full-fledged vegan or even vegetarian.  he loves bacon way too much {i would wager second only to me} and well, there's no way in hell i could ever be convinced to give us cheese.  but we do recognize {or at least i do} that this way of eating is not only better of us, but better for the planet.  win-win situation.

i would love {and really need} to have any suggestions, recipes, etc. that you have, sweet readers.  i don't really know where to start, so i really need some ideas for some yummy, filling vegan breakfasts and lunches that can me made rather quickly. help me, please!

happy weekend, darlings!


KatiePerk said...

I find this concept interesting. Share the good recipes, I would like to incorporate them into our routines! Have a good weekend!

pretty pink tulips said...

What a great idea...vegan during the day. I love this and may try it. I love Mark Bittman, so that is a great start. I also just got Gwyneth's new cookbook and made a yummy brown rice and kale. Lots of great vegan recipes.

xo Elizabeth