04 April 2011

menu monday

we had a very decadent weekend food-wise in preparation for today's start of vegan before dinnertime.  friday night we had date night at the tapas restaurant a block away from our house.  so, so yummy! hoisin-glazed pork cheese, bolognese with fresh rosemary linguine, ginger sage creme brulee, homemade bread, a spanish cheese plate, mushroom risotto, and chickpea homefries with romesco sauce.  and several glasses of verdejo, a new favorite. saturday i went shopping with some gal pals and we hit up chick-fil-a for lunch and then the beau and i gorged on kelly's beef enchiladas for dinner.  yesterday we took advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and took a little sunroof-open road trip for breakfast {at cracker barrel. so white trash. so delicious.} my after-dinner treat was the first chocolate soft-serve + rainbow sprinkles in a waffle cone of the year. needless to say, we were more than ready to start our healthy living today!

i'll be posting later this week on how our first week of semi-veganism goes, but until then, here's what we're eating for dinner this week.  note that you won't see a whole lot of changes in menu monday because that's our one meal where anything goes {and the only reason the beau agreed to this whole thing}.

monday: leftovers for me.  the beau is playing basketball with some pals, so he's on his own.

tuesday: since last friday ended up being date night, i'm recycling that night's menu of black bean burgers and sweet potato fries.

wednesday: road trip! the beau has an away game, so one of the other coaches' wives and i are carpooling.  he's eating with the team, we'll be eating on the road.

thursday: the pioneer woman's cajun chicken pasta.  i've had this in my must-try file for quite some time, and i think this will be the week i bite the bullet and just do it.

friday: friend k is in town so she and her beau are coming over for dinner! tres excited.  we'll be having my version of spring risotto, a combo of ina and giada, and this super decadent and yummy cake.

saturday:  TBD.  the beau and i may be taking a day trip to paradise, in which case it will be either crozet pizza or duner's for dinner.

sunday: i have never made a "proper" sunday dinner, so i'm going to attempt one of ina's famous roast chickens, with asparagus and roasted potatoes on the side.

bon appetit and happy monday!


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