23 April 2009

aaaah, spring

so i complain about my strange work schedule to anyone who will listen, but this time of year, i secretly really enjoy it. i work sundays 5-9pm {that part i will ALWAYS hate}, monday-thursday 1-9pm, and friday 8:30-1pm. in addition to the fact that my weekend starts early always a plus, i love my monday-thursday schedule because it allows me to take advantage of two things i love:

a) a quiet office and
b) mornings!

i get soooo much more work done on my crazy schedule, because i'm not constantly dealing with a barrage of phone calls, e-mails, and visits from co-workers and students. also, i don't have to listen to/deal with/look at tg. bonus! i get 3-4 hours alone in my office every night and it goes by so quickly. also, i can online shop and play web sudoku without fear of my boss coming in behind me and surprising me.

i am also one of those super annoying, perky morning people. an ex-boyfriend who i've remained close friends with and i still believe that the underlying reason we couldn't make it work is that he is basically a vampire and doesn't really become functional about 2pm, whereas i am up by 5:30am, ready to roll. with crazy schedule, i can wake up early, do a work-out, take the puppy boy for a walk, make myself a nice breakfast AND lunch, and laze about the house or in the yard until 1pm.
or do what i did today: catch up on movies. i joined the year 2009 and finally watched slumdog millionaire. i'm no film critic, so i can't speak to whether or not it deserved all those oscars, but i loved this little movie. i'm not sure i'll ever watch it again, because the abject poverty those children live in is very real and very upsetting, but it was worth sitting through it for the last 30 seconds of the movie. when he kisses her scar, i. MELTED. literally, just became a crying pool of yoga pants and self-tanner. have y'all seen it? what did you think?
happy college friday, buttercups!


icing on the cake said...

Oh, I loved Slumdog! I'm glad you liked it too!

DocJAD said...

I haven't seen it yet ... but its on the netflix list!

I love mornings too ... I'm so jealous that you get time without your boss. My stupid boss walks around at 730 to see who has come in early and 530 to see who stays late. She also walks around at 805 to see who is late and 455 to see who has left early. YUCK!

I can't wait to turn in my two weeks ... 10 days away! WOOHOO!

Enjoy your peace and quiet in the office tonight!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I just saw it over the weekend, and I loved it!

Southern Belle said...

I guess we're the opposite. My boyfriend is a morning person, and well I guess that makes me a vampire. LOL=)