22 April 2009

a retraction

i would like to extend my apologies to the hair gods i bitched about yesterday. it turns out that this new smoothing creme is actually quite good. it made my hair super soft and i'm sure i'm the only one who will notice this it made my hair look more naturally i just rolled out of bed looking this fabulous straight, as opposed to my normal faux beat into submission straight. maybe they're trying to throw me a bone? either way, i can't stop touching my hair today because it's so shiny and soft!

i'm still mourning the loss of thermasilk, though. don't think you're back in my good graces just yet, hair gods. figure out a way to make keratase a) cost less and b) be sold somewhere closer than an hour of lexington and we will be in business.



Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Thermasilk does still exist, but it has changed! It is now part of the Sunsilk line, and there is one that in small letters is Sunsilk: Thermasilk. I was so ecstatic when I found it! I got mine at Target.