09 April 2009

Hi, my name is Belle...

...and I'm an interior-aholic.

It started out innocently enough. I just wanted to (re)decorate my bedroom. So I was browsing one of my favorite bloggers because I always think her rooms look so pretty. Which is how I discovered Tobi Fairley. Love, love, LOVE her! Can you say OBSESSED? Le sigh....if only I had limitless wealth and her number on speed dial. It's like my fantasy home(s).per-fec-tion.

Then I found Erin Gates through Tobi Fairley. Her blog, Elements of Style, has become my heroin. I seriously cannot stop clicking. I make it through a few posts, and then I have to click on all of the links in her posts, and then 5 hours has gone by. She is my interior design doppelganger {and in Boston!! My fave city!!}
umm...so needless to say, my bedroom decorating has taken on a life of its own. the walls are painted. the new window treatments arrived yesterday. I am selling a kidney saving my money to buy the new {queen sized!!} mattress and headboard I picked out. They are so yummy. And still agonizing over bedding choices. Don't even get me started on my plans for the living room and guest bedroom...my wallet will start yelling at me.

Happy Thursday, lovelies!!


Lou Lou said...

I LOVE the bright lime green walls in that one picture!