20 April 2009

i'm on a roll!

a cooking roll, that is.

one of the things {among many} that i'm trying to be better at is not eating out as much. it's not that i don't enjoy it...i'm a major foodie and dining at great restaurants is one of life's greatest pleasures at least in my book. but here in teeny tiny lexington, there are no restaurants that can be considered great and only two or three that can be considered good. and those two or three restaurants are a bit too pricey for daily dining, so i always end up getting take out from some place depressing and unhealthy like ruby tuesday's. blech. since i would much rather have a tiny waistline and spend the money on these beauties, i've decided to cook more.

my current plan is to make one to two recipes per week. that usually makes enough food for me to have dinner at least two-three weeknights. i normally end up out of town or going out with friends on the weekend. last week it was my nummy thai food. tonight it was this bit of yumminess. i used tilapia instead of flounder, since flounder isn't a sustainable seafood. i made angel hair pasta instead of rice, because i don't like plain rice. and i roasted asparagus instead of spinach. i honestly could not tell that this was a lightened version of a piccata sauce. it was that good. it made enough sauce and pasta for about three servings, so i'll saute my other tilapia filet tomorrow for round two.

now if only i can conquer my chronic boring lunches....i will pretty much be perfect.

happy monday!


Angela said...

Good for you! I love to cook, but I've been so busy lately that I don't have time to get in the kitchen!! Tilapia is so yummy :)

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