25 February 2011

fit train friday

feeling much better {thank you for asking}.  but since there weren't a whole lot of gym hours logged this week, i thought this week's fit train post would be better directed to other things i do in the name of vanity health.

sunscreen. a daily must.  i've worn some form of spf on my face, neck, decollete, and back of hands religiously since i was 14 or 15 and i'm hoping that pays off in lack-of-botox dividends someday.  i was a devoted olay complete gal for years and years and years, but as i become more concerened with purchasing products that aren't tested on animals and are all-natural, i've switched over to burt's bees radiance day lotion and haven't looked back.

multi-vitamin. another daily must, although this has only been in the past year.  my doctor told me these were basically a form of health insurance.  not to take the place of eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies, but a back-up for those day where the only fruits and veggies i eat are in the from of milkshakes and burger toppings.  ahem.  i've been a flintstones complete girl, but after alice + gwynnie's recommendation, i may be switching over to the new chapter prenatal vitamins.  good thing these are kept at my office or else the beau may panic...

omega-3s. the newest addition to the team.  after reading this article in my winter 2011 martha stewart weddings, i was a believer.  i take 2-3 omega 3 supplements a day {i take the sundown naturals brand, since kroger, cvs, and/or food lion ALWAYS seem to be running a buy one, get one special}. helpful hint:  if you take them at room temperature, you will get a mean cause of the fish burps.  store them in the freezer, and the fish burps disappear almost completely.  i've also been grinding flax seeds to sprinkle over my breakfast {either a homemade smoothie or kashi go lean! crunch}.  i will say i haven't seen a huge difference in my skin yet, but my hair is so much softer and shinier.  so i'm sticking with it!

water.  another fairly new addition.  i've had a BAD diet coke addiction since college.  i'm down to maybe one a day, sometimes none at all.  i've replaced the caffeine with a morning cup of tazo awake black tea and spend the rest of the day chugging water like it's my job.  right now my goal is to drink 60-65 oz. a day.  so yeah, i use the little girls' room pretty frequently, but i can tell a huge difference in how i feel.

what about y'all?  what do you do in addition to diet and exercise to look and feel prettier? i'd love to know your secrets!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I take Flinstone's vitamins. That's about it! And I only take those to make my hair grow faster!

I really need to change that. I'm going to be thirty soon and I don't want to look older than I am!!!

I do drink a ton of water though, so I guess that counts right?!?!

Halee said...

Do not be ashamed of your Flintstones vitamins!!! They are my vitamin of choice, mostly because I can't swallow pills, but who cares what the reason is. Plus they taste good!

Your blog is super cute...I will be following!


miss mal said...

I gave up diet coke about 3 years ago, lost 5 pounds, and don't miss it AT ALL. I gave up coffee a few months after and also DO NOT miss it. My daytime beverages now are water and green tea, with black tea in the morning for caffeine. I literally have had breakouty skin for years and years and it's beautiful now.