21 February 2011

menu monday

happy president's day, y'all!  you would think that since i work for a place named for a certain illustrious leader of this country we would have today off, but nope.  just a regular ole workday for us.  waaaaaaaahhhhh.  on the plus side, this weekend was truly fabulous.  we had our annual black-tie fundraiser for our junior league chapter at the tres gorgeous boar's head inn.  our committee has been working so hard since july and to see everything come together with everyone having a fabulous time {and the beau in a suit!} was worth it.  we had some silent auction success: the beau won a full collection of hardback john grisham books autographed by the author himself.  the beau is a HUGE fan so he had his eye on that item all night.  we also won a doggie spa getaway for the pup and a selection of treats from his mommy's favorite, sammy snacks.  a bodo's breakfast, west main brunch, and an afternoon of napping and entourage season 2 capped it all off.

on to this week's meals.  we've entered the time of year where i am a work widow for dinner most nights of the week, thanks to the beau's job.  so pretty much from now until may, the meals are going to be a breakdown of meals i cook for the two of us and meals for myself, heretofore referred to as chick meals {or maybe chic meals?}.  my chick meals are normally one of the following:

roasted sweet potato {seasoned with mrs. dash and a wee bit of butter} + roasted broccoli or cabbage or brussel sprouts or kale {seasoned with tony chachere's and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice}

some ripe, stinky cheese from my local cheese monger {faves include, but are not limited to, bucheron, camembert, bonne buche, and kunik}, a hunk of crusty french baguette from the local bakery, and fresh fruit

alice's BIG salad

pw's pasta with roasted red pepper sauce

occasionally, a piece of roasted salmon or a bowl of kashi honey almond flax go lean! crunch {if i can pry it from the beau's hands...he's developed quite the obsession with my go-to snack} will make an appearance, but when you see chick meal, it's safe to assume it's one of the above.  here's what we'll be noshing on for the next few days:

monday: chez megane's white bean, kale, and sausage soup found via cupcakes and cashmere, featuring yummy chorizo from my cheese monger.  also pw's buttered rosemary rolls, specially requested by the beau.  these things are addictive!

tuesday: chick meal

wednesday: chick meal

thursday: barbeque stuffed potatoes a la kate and rachel {i'm doing them twice-baked style like kate and using greek yogurt instead of sour cream like rachel}.  i have a feeling these are going to be a big hit.

friday: chick meal

saturday: chick meal

sunday: TBD based on the beau's schedule, but i'm hoping for a date night dinner out...

bon appetit, friends!


Kristin said...

I'm a work and MBA widow...I feel your pain!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh...we are also having the twice baked potatoes from Kate and Rachel. And, I'm doing the yogurt like Rachel, too!! How funny!